Safety Preview

IntraLase improves the overall safety profile and visual results of LASIK, be it custom or standard. The IntraLase laser is dramatically less likely to produce seriously thin flaps or extremely thick flaps, events, which could lead to devastating complications. Clinical studies confirm that patients see better following LASIK with IntraLase than with the hand-held microkeratome blade. More patients achieved 20/20 or better vision with IntraLase-initiated LASIK. Patients who stated a preference in a prospective, randomized study preferred the post-operative vision of their IntraLase-treated eye 3-to-1 over their blade-treated eye. IntraLase created fewer high- and low-order aberrations, which can be associated with night glare and halos. In several studies, standard tests performed to diagnose dry eye indicated better results for IntraLase-treated patients. IntraLase patients required fewer enhancement procedures following LASIK. The precise IntraLase flap significantly reduces the incidence of post-operative induced astigmatism as compared with microkeratome-created flaps.